Monday, August 15, 2011

I love FOO

Dave Grohl.  He is one of the best front men to ever exist in my opinion.  This man never fails! I went to the Foo Fighter’s concert last Tuesday; it was my third time seeing them live.  They are one of my favourite bands and their last concert in 2008 was my favourite concert I have EVER been to.  (From Rush coming out to play “YYZ” to the circle stage falling from the ceiling, it was unreal.  If you went to it you know what I am talking about.) This past concert at the ACC also did not disappoint.

I have seen a lot of concerts at the ACC.  But this was the first time I saw it FULLY sold out.  I mean all seats, beside the stage and behind the stage, were full.  So much energy in the room.
There was not one moment during their two and a half hour set where I felt they were losing the crowd.  Dave captured the energy of every person there.
Their set list was perfect.  Here it is listed below:
-          Bridge Burning
-          Rope
-          The Pretender
-          My Hero
-          Learn to Fly
-          White Limo
-          Arlandria
-          Breakout
-          Cold Day in the Sun
-          Long Road to Ruin
-          Stacked Actors
-          Walk
-          Generator
-          Monkey Wrench
-          Let It Die
-          These Days
-          Skin and Bones
-          This is a Call
-          All My Life
-          Encore:
-          Wheels
-          (Dave acoustic solo)
-          Best of You
-          (Dave acoustic solo)
-          Times Like These
-          Young Man Blues
-          (Mose Allison cover)
-          Everlong

The combination of new songs, old songs and hits worked well. 

I would just like to apologize to the guy sitting beside me having to listen to me sing every song. I’m sorry.
Next time the Foo’s are in town, I will be there no matter what! Been a fan since I was 11 years old and I’ll be a fan till the end.

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